The Definitive Guide to Pu Er Tea and How to Buy it Online

Introduction to Pu Er Tea
Pu Er tea, also known as Pu-erh tea, is a variety of fermented dark tea produced in the Yunnan province of southern China. Pu Er tea is made from the large-leafed Camellia sinensis plant and undergoes natural fermentation by microbes in its production process. It is said to have originated in ancient times, when it was used as an anti-oxidant drink for warriors before battle. The leaves are often compressed into different shapes (e.g., bricks or cake) and aged before consumption. Pu Er tea has a long history of use as a traditional medicine for various ailments.

Why Drink Pu Er Tea?
Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, with coffee being the first. Most people enjoy a cup of tea in the morning, either black or with milk and sugar, or a hot cup in the evening when they’re winding down from a hectic day. However, there are many different types of tea which have different flavours and many people don’t know about them. Pu Er Tea is one such type of tea that is becoming more and more popular every day due to its unique flavours and health benefits.

Pu Er is an ancient tea variety with a rich history. It is also called “the king of teas.” Pu Er tea has many benefits to health. It even has anti-aging properties and can help you lose weight. Some of the many health benefits of pu er tea include weight loss, boosting immune system, lowering risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It also contains caffeine which can act as an antioxidant in the body by protecting cells from damage by oxidative stress.

The Basic Steps to Brewing a Perfect Cup of Pu Er Tea
It is very important to prepare pu er tea properly so that you can enjoy the taste and some of its beneficial effects of this dark brownish color tea. We will introduce you to how to prepare a cup or teapot of Pu Er tea here:

1. Rinse the teapot with boiled water to warm it up and then discard.
2. Put a teaspoon of tea leaves into the pot and then again rinse with boiled water.
3. Add a cup of hot water to the pot and let it steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste preference.
4. Remove the tea from the pot and enjoy!

What Makes a Good Pu Er Tea Store on the Internet?
The best online stores should offer high-quality pu er teas with excellent authenticity which come from reputable sellers who use the traditional methods to make pu er tea In addition, a good pu er tea store on the internet should offer pu er teas of excellent quality, provide high-quality customer service with an excellent customer experience, and offer reasonably priced pu er tea products to their customers. Here’s also a list of things you should consider when choosing a online store:

1)The price of the tea- in general, more expensive pu er teas are going to taste better and have a higher quality.
2) The quality of the tea- pu er teas from Yunnan, China are considered higher quality than those from other regions.
3) The type of pu er- there are two main types of pu er: ripe and raw pu er.