Choosing the Best Pu Er Tea from Online Stores

What is Pu Er Tea?
Pu Er tea is one of the most famous and exquisite types of tea in China. It is produced and consumed in Yunnan Province, which first started producing it many centuries ago. The name Pu Er indicates that it has been fermented or ‘cooked’ by the process of fermentation called ‘shu’. The name was coined in pre-modern times when the tea was compressed into cakes to be transported over long distances. Pu Er tea leaves are harvested in autumn after they have fully matured. They are then processed with a series of techniques that includes wilting, shaping into small cakes, sun-drying, sorting, oxidizing with charcoal fire and finally aging. This processing makes Pu Er an exceptionally healthy.

Why is Pu Er Tea So Popular?
Pu Er tea is popular for its unique taste and health benefits. It is made up of the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant that are fermented for a long time. One reason for Pu Er tea’s popularity may be the taste and color of this type of tea. Pu Er tea tastes earthy, smoky, and slightly sweet to some people. However, what makes it so much more special? One theory suggests that the popularity of Pu Er tea might be due to the way it was marketed in China during the Tang Dynasty. This dynasty was known for its large population which created a demand for new drinks. Tea began to be served at weddings as an alternative to rice wine because it was deemed healthier and not as intoxicating. As trade routes expanded, Pu er tea began to be imported from Yunnan province into other Asian countries like Japan and Korea.

How to Prepare a Cup Pu Er Tea
If you’re looking for a way to unwind in the evening with a warm drink, a cup of Pu Er tea is a great choice. It’s an acquired taste that takes some getting used to, but is worth the effort. You can prepare a cup of pu er tea by boiling water and adding the pu er tea leaves to a pot or cup. Next, pour the boiling water into the pot or cup. Wait for the tea leaves to steep for 3-5 minutes. Add milk or sugar if desired. Now you’re ready to drink your tea!

How to Choose the Best Pu Er Tea Online?
When it comes to buying pu er tea online, there are a few things you should look for in an online store. The first thing would be the quality of the tea. There are many different grades of pu er tea depending on how long they are aged. The higher quality teas have a special mellow flavor that is much sought after by connoisseurs. Secondly, you will want to find an online store that has a wide selection of pu er teas for sale. You will also want to find one with prices that suit your budget and delivers discreetly if you buy pu er online in order to maintain your privacy. On top of that, a good pu er tea store needs to provide high-quality options for their customers while also maintaining competitive prices and providing discretion when shipping.

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